Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Whovian Conversion: A Friendship Story

Ashford and Allison talk about Allison's new journey in the fandom of Doctor Who.  Allison recently finished series 1 of the new series.  Watching only an episode or two of Tennant, she is still unsure about the future, but just to give you a spoiler, Allison is almost done with season two, and she is really warming up to the tenth Doctor.  

This will not count as an episode.  Consider this an experimental bonus, holiday gift.  Don't worry, the Key to Time Episodes will all be given to your before 2017.  

I'm trying to do a small segment of the show, where Allison and I talk about her journey through the new series.  Please write in @sogallifrey on twitter to encourage Allison to keep watching and to join the podcast.  You can also write to us on the website:

Happy Holidays.  We love you guys. 

Check out this episode!

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